Company Profile

Barry Utesch, President - Total Computer Solutions

Not Your Typical Greensboro, NC, IT Firm

The engineers, technicians and staff at TCS aren't just experienced and capable. We care about your success, and we believe that a solid computing infrastructure can elevate your bottom line and give you a competitive advantage in your industry. It's the difference between just getting the job done and taking the time to care about your business that makes us a leader in the application of Microsoft product solutions-based IT.


As a total computer solutions firm, we design, provide, and build end-to-end Internet and intranet infrastructures that support business critical applications. We are also a next-generation IT consulting firm, focused exclusively on computer technology systems and infrastructure.

Discover the TCS value:

1. We apply technology within financial constraints

Computer Consulting


TCS deploys its teams in a cost-effective manner. We consider technology solutions appropriate to your specific business environment and based on your processes. Our consultants possess a deep understanding of and first-hand experience in technology applications for business ... even in the most complex environments. They can work knowledgeably and efficiently to bring those solutions to bear on your business' needs.

And we don't just save you money on the front end. TCS works with established and emerging businesses to make sure your technology investments are working hard for you over the life of your business.


2. We have experience in advanced and complex technology projects


Choose an IT firm that can grow with you. With years of experience in advanced and complex technology projects, TCS can meet your IT needs over the long-term as your

company adds hardware, software and network demands.


From network architecture strategy to design and implementation, TCS delivers expertise and excellence. That's why we've become the go-to IT support firm for small to mid-sized businesses across the Triad.


3. We provide nimble multivendor solutions to keep your security and software up-to-date


TCS stays ahead of today's rapid changes in computer industry standards and protocols for you, implementing those changes quickly and efficiently. We have vast experience in technologies from Microsoft, Novell, UNIX, Symantec, Citrix, Sonic WALL, and Cisco. Because we understand how these different technologies talk to one another, we can design and deploy the best combinations, optimized for your business requirements. This knowledge-based consulting model comes with personal attention and advanced credentials in all relevant areas of expertise.