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Total Computer Solutions

TCS provides a wide range of Business IT Services & Support Solutions, including:

Flat Fee IT – The Flat Fee IT program from Total Computer Solutions is the antithesis of “surprise.” Think boring. Predictable. Scheduled. On-script. There’s nothing to get excited about. You know in advance that your systems will be up, your costs will be fixed, and your functionality will be well, predictable. Predictable Service, Predictable Performance, Predictable Budgeting, Predictable Expertise leads to Predictable Happiness.

TCS Advantage / Cloud – More and more, companies realize that their high-speed Internet connectivity can play a critical role in their IT-systems. Of course, moving to the cloud isn’t a fit for all businesses, but it’s the ideal solution for many small businesses. If your company has 5-100 users, the cloud could be a reliable solution. The benefits include Less on-site hardware, lower hardware, and software maintenance costs, lower capital expenditure costs, predictable IT spend, remote access to cloud data and applications. For most of our clients, moving an application to the cloud has not resulted in significant cost savings. Yes, they were able to reduce their capital expenditures, but things like redundant internet connections with automatic failover meant that there weren’t savings over 36 months. Each client is unique and so taking a look at your specific situation is the first step.

Server Maintenance – Keep your server speedy and healthy with our “apple a day” plan – We call it “TCS Advantage/Healthy Server.” We provide you with all of the services that an internal network administrator would perform if they could. We find that an internal network administrator is so busy with supporting users and putting out fires that they seldom make time to do the routine or preventative maintenance that will improve the security, reliability, and stability of the network. If you have internal IT or not, we can help, either way.

Backup and Disaster Recovery – If you have ever had an experience with data loss, you probably still recall the hole in your stomach with remarkable clarity when you realize that things aren’t as they should be. When you left the office the day before the systems were behaving admirably – the data was accessible and available. But somehow, the data disappeared overnight, never to be heard from again. Maybe it was a failed hard drive or an accidental overwrite. At that moment, you think of your data backup plan or lack thereof. If you have a backup plan in place, you hope it’s current, and it works. If there’s no backup or failover in place, you stare at the screen in disbelief. All that work. All that data. Gone.

Network Infrastructure Maintenance – Network Infrastructure includes things like your firewall(s), switches, and routers. Each of these devices has firmware that is their operating system. The manufacturers are regularly releasing updates for security, reliability, and known bugs or compatibility issues. If you were to have a problem with a device, the very first thing to ask is “do you have the latest firmware”? In many cases, the solution to your issue has already been found and corrected in the updated firmware. Updating firewall firmware in the middle of the day because you are down is disruptive to the company. When firmware updates are scheduled and completed after hours, it is pain-free for your staff. Don’t get bit by an incompatibility bug, keep your network infrastructure maintained and up to date.

Network Security – Network security is one of the most important things that an IT firm can assist you with. Network security is not a singular event but a layered approach that gets checked and repeated regularly. By layered, we mean that you need an edge protector like a firewall, but a firewall is not impenetrable. Beyond the firewall, you need secure passwords on every piece of equipment, and every user login. Turning on firewalls at the individual PC level protects that machine from brut force attacks that might come while at the coffee shop while a user is connected by VPN back to the office. There are specific things that you need to do to be compliant if you have oversight from a governing body like HIPAA or Sarbanes. Penetration testing of your infrastructure and regular password refresh’s are the basics, and we can help you with this.

Business IT Services or IT Consulting – Consulting is an overworked term, but it is, without a doubt, part of TCS’s DNA. We take a consultative approach to all of our client interactions and elevate your needs above our profits to provide you the best solution for the long run. If we believe that moving one of your line of business applications to a “software as a service” provider is what is best for you, we will encourage you to do it. We do this regardless of our profitability because we are convinced that if we do the right thing for our clients in the short run, our clients, friends, and business associates will take care of us in the long term.

Relationships Measured in Years

Total Computer Solutions establishes partnerships with our clients, taking the time to understand the needs of their businesses, and projecting their needs in the future. We put your long-range business goals first and then build your IT infrastructure around those objectives. Our proactive approach to IT products and services allows TCS to meet our customers’ ongoing needs and provide them with the maximum ROI for the technology dollars spent.

Innovative Solutions for Real-world Problems

Our goal is to relieve your IT headaches, streamline your support process, and be your fail-safe data back up provider. Give TCS a call at 336-804-8449 to discuss your IT or computing needs.