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Total Computer Solutions (TCS) understands that its employees are its greatest asset. We are always looking for qualified and passionate individuals to help us offer exceptional services to our clients. If you strive to do extraordinary things within the IT industry, you need to apply today. Our ideal employee is someone who is talented and enjoys what they do.

Our Culture

Are you looking for an IT company that understands the importance of a motivated and happy staff? Do you want to feel valued and appreciated for all the talent you bring to the table? Total Computer Solutions is looking to recruit you today. Ensure you contact us to be part of a great team that will help you nurture and grow your talent.

Our Teams

Sales & Marketing


Client Services

Technical Analyst

Current Available Positions

When we have an opening for any of these teams, we will post a specific job description.

Entry Level Technical Analyst

As a Grade 1 Entry Level Technical Analyst for TCS, you will focus on being a client advocate and providing a unique balance of client focus along with technical expertise. You always make exceptional client service your priority. Your attention to detail is impeccable, you learn quickly, and you have excellent effective communication skills. You have a great sense of pride and integrity in your work and strive to always contribute to the overall success of the team. You are comfortable being held accountable in a team-oriented environment. You see opportunities for continuous process improvement and confidently bring your ideas to the table. You are driven to face challenges head on with a sense of urgency and humility to follow through to reach resolutions.

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Marketing Coordinator

The Marketing Coordinator’s role is to develop and maintain marketing strategies that meet company objectives. The purpose is to effectively organize internal and external marketing, advertising, branding, events, and promotional activities of the company. The coordinator collaborates with various departments in the organization to develop strategic plans and engages in implementation of defined activities to gain new business.

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Benefits & Perks 

At Total Computer Solutions, you will get to enjoy several benefits and perks. Because our employees are our greatest asset, we strive to ensure you have an excellent working environment. Below are all the benefits and perks of working for Total Computer Solutions.


Our employees get the benefit of having an extensive health insurance package. You get to benefit from HSA, Health, Vision, Dental, and Life insurance. You can focus on your work better when your health is well taken care of by us.


You get up to a 3% match on your Simple IRA when working with TCS. Your funds get invested in different vehicles, including bonds, stock, cash, and mutual funds. We understand the importance of having a solid retirement plan.


Every employee needs a vacation from trying to balance work and personal life. However, paying for a vacation or holiday can be rather challenging. At TCS, you get to enjoy the perks of having paid vacations and holidays.


At Total Computer Solutions, we offer employer-paid time when doing volunteer tasks for the community. You get the benefit of doing what you love while making a bit of extra cash.


You get the opportunity to learn and develop your skills while working at TCS. We use new technologies to help our employees keep up with any changes. You will get to improve your skills and knowledge in the IT industry.


Certification enhances motivation and builds confidence in an employee. Through pay for certification, our employees become more professional and credible-looking in the eyes of our clients.


We boost performance and teamwork amongst our employees through events & outings. You also get the opportunity to participate in the sports you love. Understand that these events help you create a broader network.


Improving and maintaining the well-being of our staff is among the top priorities for our firm. We have an extensive wellness program that works through exercise, proper diet, illness prevention, and stress management.


Our employees have access to our Corporate Chaplain for support around family issues, financial concerns, hospital visits, grief care, and many other issues that may be impacting your life and morale at work.