Hosted Infrastructure

Total Computer Solutions

Hosted infrastructure is like moving your organization’s servers from your backroom to a rack in a data center. For organizations with older servers or organizations that are growing and have continued expanding IT demands, making the switch from an on-premise server(s) model to the hosted infrastructure model can be a strategic business maneuver. This provides a significant improvement in redundancy and performance as well as a better return on investment. By hosting your infrastructure in the cloud, you gain reliability that would have been cost-prohibitive to build at your on-premise facility.   

Organizations considering a server purchase to keep up with growing application and data storage demands have the perfect opportunity to transition from on-premise servers to the Infrastructure as a Service  (IaaS) model. Hosted infrastructure enables you to combine and outsource much of your IT needs for a predictable reoccurring fee. Total Computer Solutions has helped dozens of our clients make the switch from on-premise to hosted infrastructure, and we can help you analyze and determine if you are a good fit for this solution.   

Each company is unique, and so a thorough analysis of your situation is the next step.  

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