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North Carolinas business owners and C-level execs know the importance of keeping their technologies secure, up to date, and reliable. Our technology firm’s team of certified analysts have decades of experience providing managed technology solutions to meet businesses’ specific needs, giving them the expertise necessary to keep technology from disrupting productivity.  

The types of clients we serve include legal, accounting, health care, manufacturing, construction, insurance, distribution, service, and nonprofit. Typically, organizations choose Total Computer Solutions (TCS) as they outgrown their internal support, outsource complex projects, or to free up IT staff from working on repetitive mundane tasksSince TCS employ15 technical analysts, it is unusual for us to be unable to deal with urgent matters or have inhouse expertise to solve a complex problemOur attrition rate for employees is low compared with most firms in our industryOur average staff tenure is more than eight years, and when we occasionally turn staff, it is typically for good reasons, not job dissatisfaction. Our mission is to Glorify God as we provide exceptional IT services focused on building relationships with our clients and employees. We want to have a seat at the table where business decisions are being considered to assist you with making the most of your technology spend.  

The analysts and staff at TCS are experienced, capable, and care about your organization’s success. We understand that a reliable IT infrastructure can elevate your bottom line and give you a competitive advantage in your industry. Genuine concern for you and your organization, paired with our expertise in using Microsoft cloud and on-premises solutions, makes TCS unique in our market. 

TCS Provides Value By: 

1. Applying technology within financial constraints. 

We deploy cost-effective solutions. TCS considers technology that is appropriate for your business environment and your processes. Our consultants possess deep understanding and first-hand experience in technology applications for business, even in the most complex environments. We will work knowledgeably and efficiently to bring solutions to match your business’ needs. TCS works with both established and emerging organizations, making sure your technology investments work as hard for you as we do. 

2. Using a proactive approach to managing our client’s infrastructure. 

TCS keeps a close watch on our client’s network infrastructure, including their local and remote computers and serversThrough a set of best-in-class software tools that we deploy as part of our services, we can patch, update, and take remote control (with permission) of any computer with an internet connection. We understand that a minor problem that occurs today may seem unimportant, but it may grow over time and eventually cause significant disruption and downtime. By proactively dealing with potential issues, we save our clients’ money because of reduced downtime and costs. There was a time in IT when all the focus was on response times. While response time is still critical, TCS is focused intently on preventing problems ahead of time to avoid downtime 

3. Having experience in state-of-the-art and complex technology projects. 

Choose a technology firm that can grow with you. With over 30 years of experience leading complex technology projects, TCS can meet your IT needs today and over the long-term as your company grows and adapts to the ever-changing technology environment. 

Designing a reliable IT platform for your firm that makes the best use of cloud and onsite infrastructure is what we do consistently for our clients. That is why we have become the go-to IT technology firm in Central, North Carolina for small to mid-sized businessesWe do not have a crystal ball to predict the future, but we believe that the future is partly cloudy. The reliability and flexibility of cloud solutions can be prohibitively expensive for aorganization to design and build an onsite solutionFor this reason, we encourage our clients to look carefully at hosting in the cloud. 

The ideal time for considering a change is when you are up against a server hardware refresh. We have solutions for every situation, including the co-location of your existing equipment in a local data centerpurchasing virtual servers that are part of a large data center, or SoftwareasaService; we will help you work through the pros and cons of each of these optionsThere is no one size fits all solution, so we custom build the right solution for you today that will carry you into the future. If you are growing rapidly or looking at a market contraction, the cloud can still be the right fit.  

4. Providing best in class solutions to keep your technology secure, reliable, and recoverable. 

TCS keeps up with the rapid changes in the computer industry standards and protocols for you, implementing these changes quickly and efficiently. One of the greatest threats to your business today is ransomware. Over 90% of ransomware infections come through email, so helping you train your people to be skeptical of all emails and block as much malware coming through email is what we do. Our technology firm has extensive experience in all types of cloud solutionsWe have experience with security standards like HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act)NIST800 (National Institute of Standards in Technology)PCI (Payment Card Industry), and Sarbanes. We can show you where you are deficient and let you do the correcting, or we can help you implement standards to put you on the road to compliance. 

Our technology firm is proficient with technologies from Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, SonicWall, and many more. Because of our years of experience supporting these products, we understand how these different technologies work with one another.  We can design and deploy the best combinations, optimized for your business requirements. This knowledge-based consulting model comes with personal attention and advanced credentials in all relevant areas of expertise. 

Doing business with TCS is easy, four simple steps:

  1. Assess Your IT Needs 
  2. Receive a Personalized Plan 
  3. Partner with TCS to Proactively Manage Your IT 
  4. Focus on Running Your Business 

Join others and become more productive effectively leveraging technology. Contact us today by calling 336.804.8449 or filling out an online form here.