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Barry Utesch, President

Barry Utesch, President

Our team of certified analysts have decades of experience providing managed technology solutions to meet the specific needs of businesses, giving them the time and expertise necessary to keep technology from disrupting productivity.

The analysts and staff at TCS are experienced, capable, and we care about your organization’s success. We understand that a reliable IT infrastructure can elevate your bottom line and give you a competitive advantage in your industry. Genuine concern for you and your organization paired with our expertise in the use of Microsoft cloud and on-premise solutions makes TCS unique in our market.

Discover the TCS value:

  1. We apply technology within financial constraints

TCS deploys its solution team in a cost-effective manner. We considered technology that is appropriate to your business environment and your processes. Our consultants possess a deep understanding and first-hand experience in technology applications for business even in the most complex environments. They can work knowledgeably and efficiently to bring solutions to match your business’ needs. TCS works with both established and emerging organizations making sure your technology investments are working hard for you.

  1. We have experience in advanced and complex technology projects

Choose an IT firm that can grow with you. With 30 years of experience in advanced and complex technology projects, TCS can meet your IT needs over the long-term as your company grows and adapts to our ever-changing environment

Designing a reliable IT platform for your firm that makes the best use of cloud and onsite infrastructure is what we do consistently for all our clients. That is why we have become the go-to IT support firm in Central North Carolina for small to mid-sized businesses.

  1. We provide best in class solutions to keep your technology secure, reliable, and recoverable

TCS keeps up with today’s rapid changes in computer industry standards and protocols for you, implementing those changes quickly and efficiently.  We have significant experience in cloud solutions, security standards like HIPAA, NIST 800, PCI and Sarbanes.  Technologies from Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, and SonicWall. Because we understand how these different technologies talk to one another, we can design and deploy the best combinations, optimized for your business requirements. This knowledge-based consulting model comes with personal attention and advanced credentials in all relevant areas of expertise.

Eliminate Disruptions with our Proactive IT Process

  1. Assess Your IT Needs
  2. Receive a Personalized Plan
  3. Partner with TCS to Proactively Manage Your IT
  4. Focus on Running Your Business