Cloud Migration

Server to Cloud Migration 

Are you wondering if it is possible to move your programs and data to the cloud? Contact us today about server to cloud migration, and we can help you to determine if your organization is a good fit.   

Total Computer Solutions (TCS) has been helping clients move to the cloud for more than ten years. Not every application plays well in a cloud environment, although that has improved significantly in the past few years. TCS had successfully moved applications to the cloud even when the software developers were unsure if it would work. Because of our extensive experience, TCS can help you discover your suitability to running in a cloud environment. We can also supply ongoing management of your servers if needed.  

Not every client and not every application is a good fit, but TCS can help you to discover both.  

Advantages of moving your applications and data to the cloud: 

  • Decreased downtime resulting from internet outages, power outages, and equipment failure 
  • Failover of servers is automatic unlike typical onsite solutions 
  • Management of cloud servers is typically included

When you think you are ready to look at the cloud as an option, call TCS and let our experienced professionals determine if your organization is a fit. Contact us 336-804-8449 or fill out a form here to be contacted by one of our representatives.