Security Incident Response
Policy Guide

The goal of the Security Incident Response Policy Guide is to help your organization respond to potential computer security incidents.

  • Identifies the incident response (IR) stakeholders and establishes their roles and responsibilities.
  • Describes incident triggering sources, incident types, and incident severity levels.
  • Includes requirements for regular testing, post-incident lessons-learned activities, and collection of IR metrics for use in gauging IR effectiveness. 

The goals of IR, as outlined in this guide, are to:

  • Confirm whether an incident occurred
  • Provide a defined incident notification process
  • Promote the accumulation and documentation of accurate information
  • Establish controls for proper retrieval and handling of evidence
  • Contain the incident and stop any unwanted activity quickly and efficiently
  • Minimize the disruption to network operations
  • Provide accurate reports and valuable recommendations to management
  • Prevent and mitigate future incidents from occurring


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