IT Assessment

IT Assessment

An IT Assessment is one of the most popular services that TCS provides. Organizations with internal IT Staff can benefit from having a network audit. Organizations that rely exclusively on one person for their technology advice normally do not consider how their natural bias may impact their technology infrastructure. That is why TCS uses a team approach to all our dealings with clients “two heads are better than one” when it comes to planning and problem-solving.  

TCS offers a wide range of Strategic Consulting Services to the clients that we serve. 

Types of Assessments: 

  • General Network 
  • Security & Compliance (HIPAA, NIST-800, PCI, Sarbanes) 
  • Software Licensing  
  • Capacity Planning 
  • Disaster Recovery 
  • Policies and Procedures
  • High Availability 

An Assessment involves taking a snapshot of your computer infrastructure at a point in time and then analyzing our findings and reporting back to you, much like what an accountant does when presenting a balance sheet as a financial snapshot of your current financial condition. 

In the majority of situations, we would advise our clients to begin with a General Network Assessment. Then, if some obvious issues show up as a result of that Assessment, we can choose to drill down directly in another area.

Our General Network Assessment includes: 

  • On-site walk-through of building 
  • Interviewing a percentage of users about their IT experience (positive and negative) 
  • Temporarily loading software that looks for and attempts to identify every device on your network 
  • Reviewing all devices detected on the network for industry best practice compliance 
  • Determining the age and stability of infrastructure equipment 
  • Developing a basic Visio drawing of the network 
  • Written recommendations that include urgent issues suggested changes

Pricing our Assessments depends on how in-depth you want us to look at your organization. Our General Network Assessment can be as inexpensive as $500 for a 5-10 user network or as much as $5000 for an extensive network with multiple locations. Because of our focus on the Small and Medium-sized business, our typical Assessment is around $1000. 

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