Local and Offsite Backup Automation

Total Computer Solutions

The days of backing up to tape or local hard drives and then assuming the responsible party will get them offsite are over.  The tape is about 60% reliable at best, and one bump of a hard drive can destroy part or all of the data that exists on that drive.  Let TCS help you with designing a solution for local and offsite backup.

The ideal solution has three components:

  1. Multiple incremental backups throughout the day so that a server crash at 5:00 PM only loses 30 minutes of data, not all the data that has changed or been added between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM.
  2. Current data available on premise so that restoring data can be quick and painless.  If you have to pull a file from an offsite location that can take time if the file is large.  By having a second copy of your data locally means you can restore quickly.
  3. Off-site backups in case of a disaster.  Most disasters involve hardware or software failure so having an off-site backup is really about the 3% instance where there is a fire, flood, tornado, ice storm, etc.  In a disaster, your building is likely to be unusable for several days or longer, but your data is shipped to you on an appliance that will allow you to do bare metal restorations to new equipment and bring you data back.

TCS has a variety of offsite backup solutions and one that is right for you and your business.

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