Workstation Security Advanced

Today’s cybercrime environment requires organizations of all sizes to protect their valuable data. We understand the importance of fortifying your workstations against potential threats and vulnerabilities. That’s why we are proud to present Workstation Security Advanced, a comprehensive solution designed to provide advanced protection for businesses of all sizes.

Risk Assessment

The goal of the evaluation is to identify your security strengths and weaknesses and provide advice as to the improvements you should be considering relative to your security posture. The assessment and your results align with the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Cybersecurity Framework v2.0 (NIST CSF), considered a best practice.

The assessment spans the five core areas of the framework. The assessment report will show your results against the NIST framework and how your organization aligns with similar firms within your industry, size, and location.

Get a trusted advisor to help you align your business goals with security needs. Whether it is conforming to cybersecurity insurance requirements, attaining compliance, or self-initiated security goals, TCS has the resources to help secure your business by understanding and managing risk.