24×7 Monitoring

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What is 24×7 monitoring, and why do you need it?

Continuously monitoring your network is important because you want to catch a problem when it is small and avoid having it escalate.  Left unchecked a small issue grows and becomes a significant problem that results in network and user downtime. A simple example is monitoring your server(s) available disk space. If the drive of a server gets full, it can cause the server to crash or applications to not run properly. By setting thresholds and monitoring to those limits, we can prevent many annoying problems from becoming more serious.

Similarly, by continually monitoring all of the computers on your network, we can know if a machine’s antivirus software is not updating correctly and take action to correct that before the device contracts a virus, which can result in lost data or user disruption. No monitoring software is perfect and there is still the potential to have this kind of issue.  However not having tools installed to monitor your devices is like driving without being able to see your dashboard and gauges, eventually you will have a serious problem.

TCS uses best in class computer, server, and network monitoring tools on the market today. If your hard drives are getting full or if non-approved software gets installed on a PC or laptop. This same software allows us to remotely take over the machine (with permission) and correct a problem before a user is even aware of it. Our system can page a member of our technical team if a critical server goes down, and we will often correct the problem before you have even had time to pick up the phone and call.

24×7 monitoring provides you with peace of mind that an ever-vigilant network administrator is watching your network and ensuring that things are operating smoothly.

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