Network Integration

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We define Network Integration as – combining software applications written by different companies with hardware solutions built by different companies and creating a secure, stable platform that allows a business to function as if the solution was designed and built by a single company.

Our job is to make sure your network is as stable as possible. We provide a team of qualified technical personnel to perform routine and emergency services on your network.  Most of our clients are based in Central North Carolina however we service and support locations all over the Southeast. Please call 336-632-0860.

We work with many different organization including legal, medical, construction, accounting, manufacturing etc.  As an integrator we interface with your primary software vendor and build a solution that is both effective and affordable.

Computer and Networking Infrastructure

  • Server Configuration, Purchasing, and Installation
  • LAN and WAN Network Configuration, Purchasing, and Installation
  • Preventative Server Maintenance
  • Preventative Workstation/PC Maintenance
  • Network Cable Management

Some clients have had bad experiences with service providers being finger pointers.   When a problem occurs the integrator points the blame at the software manufacturer and the software manufacturer points the finger at the infrastructure.  At TCS we believe that when our customer has a problem we have a problem and we guarantee that we won’t be finger pointing.

“We are happy to have TCS as our consulting resource for information technology administration and solutions. TCS provides subject matter experts covering all our systems. Since we teamed with TCS we have implemented new email, anti-virus, security, and remote access applications in record time while maintaining legacy systems. TCS provides professional consultants that understand technology and its relationship to business needs. These professionals have proven their commitment to clients during any time of crisis and are a necessary part of an IT manager’s team.”

– Deron, MIS Administrator

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