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Outsourcing with Total Computer Solutions (TCS) looks different for each of our clients. For some, it is outsourcing one aspect of their technology infrastructure like projects. For others, it is a more interactive relationship with TCS supplying continual monitoring and preventative maintenance of critical systems. In every situation, TCS aims to deliver a best-in-class win/win experience for our client.

At TCS, we can only provide emergency help when you need it, although this is the most expensive way to do business with us. Most of our clients want us to keep their networks updated and secure to avoid downtime and emergency help. We have a suite of products and services that we describe as Flat Fee IT. In this model, we deliver a holistic set of services for one flat monthly price. The burden to drive efficiency and improve processes falls to TCS. As we become more efficient, we become more profitable, and our clients experience continuous process improvement.
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The decision to outsource or handle IT in-house is often driven by economics. Can you achieve a lower delivery of services cost, make better use of internal resources, focusing energy on your core competencies? Many times, it makes sense to outsource until the organization becomes large enough to justify hiring in-house ability quickly. TCS works with companies that have internal IT and with firms that have no one on staff that can handle IT.

TCS provides our clients with multiple kinds of outsourcing. The traditional model has been for our clients to outsource the management of their computer networks to TCS. We can provide them with higher quality at a lower cost than what they can hire internally. Also, many of them do not need a full-time person even if they wanted to spend the money there really is not enough work to keep that person busy.

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