Remote Workstation Security

Total Computer Solutions

When a computer is physically connected to a LAN or local area network, it is much easier to keep it secure. TCS recommends a layered approach to remote workstation security. We consider a device secure if it has been patched with the latest Microsoft security updates, it has an up to date anti-malware software installed and limits to where that user can go on the Internet are being enforced. Also when the device is physically in your building, the expectation is that nobody is going to pick it up and walk out with it. If the device is a laptop, tablet or some other type of portable, then this becomes more complicated, but there are still things that can be done for a portable device to encrypt the drive, so that if it does walk out at least the data on the drive is not accessible and the ability to connect back into your network is eliminated.

Remote workstations, on the other hand, might never physically connect to your network and so confirming that they are being patched with security updates, that the virus software is installed and working correctly is more difficult. Also if the device is stolen, you need to have the ability to wipe it clean so that nobody can access the data on the drive. If you are required by HIPAA or Sarbanes to secure your data the situation is even more critical, and TCS would recommend that you encrypt all hard drives that leave the building so that a stolen device does not create a violation. Notifying clients that you have had a security breach is never pleasant, and it can be costly with fines and other penalties.

If you have a remote workforce like salespeople scattered around the state or country. If you have large quantities of portable devices that go home with employees. If you have a large number of small offices, then you might be a good candidate for a remote workstation security solution.

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