Staff Augmentation

Total Computer Solutions

Typically, when an organization is looking to do staff augmentation, it is for one of several reasons:

  1. Backfill for vacation, family leave, or the sudden departure of an internal IT person. 
  2. Free internal staff from routine, repetitive tier-1 tasks. 
  3. Assist with Projects – the internal team does not have the ability or the time to do a project and continue with their regular workload.

Total Computer Solutions (TCS) works with hundreds of organizations in Central, North Carolina, to help with staff augmentation or part-time staffing. Usually, the firms we work with have between 25 and 200 users on their network and one or more internal IT staff. TCS has been in business since 1990, and we have extensive project management experience. We also have a highly trained and seasoned staff already working in organizations like yours. We have clients in the legal, medical, manufacturing, distribution, service delivery, construction, nonprofit, and more.  

TCS’ primary business is to act in the role of “part-time network administrator” for small and medium-sized organizations in the Triad. In this role, we manage projects, consult on technology, and troubleshoot problems. We are extremely comfortable being part of a team but not necessarily in charge. We have a breadth of staff that allows us to supply the right skill set for the task at hand. That might be project management, troubleshooting a computer, or reviving a failed server.   

This extensive experience in our technical staff makes us uniquely qualified to step into almost any type of business and bring value at once.  

If you find yourself in need of an added workforce for any of these reasons, please call us for a no-obligation review of your needs 336-804-8449 or fill out a form here to be contacted by one of our representatives.