27-Point Network Assessment

Total Computer Solutions

Are you frustrated by an issue that your current IT provider can’t seem to fix? Do you experience performance issues with your network or applications that your IT staff can’t solve?

You’re not alone. Many companies struggle with these kinds of issues, including:

  • Network Slowness
  • Repetitive Equipment Failures
  • Intermittent Issues Causing Downtime
  • Replacement of Old Equipment Before It Fails

Monitoring and diagnosing network performance issues like these are critical to maintaining productivity. Allowing problems to continue can cause significant downtime and disruptions for your business. Eventually, they can affect your bottom line.

That’s why we offer our 27-Point Network Assessment. It identifies areas for improvement and detects security or equipment vulnerabilities.

During the assessment, our team will evaluate critical aspects of your network for:

  • Password Policy Compliance
  • Physical Access to IT Equipment
  • Patches and Updates
  • Anti-Virus and Malware Status
  • Age of Equipment
  • Security Improvements
  • And More

As a technology company, we understand how important it is for systems to be up and running so you can stay productive. Our team of certified and experienced technical analysts helps companies like yours assess their current network and identify opportunities for improvement.

Taking advantage of a 27-Point Network Assessment, is easy with Total Computer Solutions. First, we perform a network assessment. Then we give you a report with recommended areas for improvement so you can get the most out of your technology.

To request a 27-Point Network Assessment call us today at 336.804.8449 or fill out an online form to be contacted by one of our representatives. Get your network healthy today!