Network Assessments and Consulting

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Network assessments and Consulting on the findings is a natural starting point for any business wondering if they are making the best choices when spending their limited IT dollars. It is similar to visiting the doctor for an annual checkup, which we know we should do, but often don’t because we do not want to hear again that we need to lose weight and eat better. We know we should visit the Doctor regularly not because of a specific problem, but so that we can hopefully catch any minor issues today before they grow into more significant more expensive issues in the future.

Total Computer Solutions seeks to establish a long-term partnership with each of its clients to understand the needs of their businesses both today and in the future. We take a long-standing interest in our clients business and I.T. needs, and we strive to help them to accelerate reaching their business goals through the use of technology.

Network Assessments and Consulting

Are you having problems that your current IT firm seems unable to resolve? Are you experiencing performance issues on your network or with your applications? TCS has been helping companies for more than 30 years with the design implementation and maintenance of their IT infrastructure. We can provide you with a no-obligation Network Assessment that points out areas for improvement along with a roadmap for the next 18-24 months. These assessments are very reasonably priced, and they are based on the size and complexity of your organization. Think of our evaluation as getting a second opinion from another physician. It does not mean you are going to change Doctors it just is a way to assure yourself that you are getting good advice.

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