Using the broadest definition, Network Security would include everything that is a threat to the applications and data that you use to run your business.  

The Total Computer Solutions (TCS) Approach to Security 

At TCS, we take a reasoned approach to our client’s security needs: 

  • If your organization can tolerate four hours of downtime without severe hardship for your business, then it would be not very smart to spend thousands of dollars necessary to achieve downtime under four hours. 
  • If ten minutes of downtime is a severe hardship because of regulatory compliance or lost revenues, it makes sense to spend the money and build a solution for no more than ten minutes of downtime.

Regardless of which end of this spectrum, your organization is, the first step is to calculate your downtime cost, and then TCS will work with you to tailor a solution that meets your needs. 

 TCS’ Security Services 

  • High Availability: The ability to keep your line-of-business applications up and available, with a possible downtime acceptable to your organization. 
  • Disaster Recovery: The ability to bring applications and data back on-line after a fire or tornado in a timeline that is acceptable to you. Read more about our Disaster Recovery here. 
  • Data Recovery: Data is backed up at a ‘point in time’ rather than continuously and stored off-site. 
  • Continuous Data Recovery: Enables your users to recover from “Oops, I just overwrote my file!” with the ease of visiting a website. 
  • Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware Protection: Keeping viruses and spyware off your network while watching and reacting to the few that inevitably slip through. 
  • Content Filtering: Keeping employees on task and avoiding potential lawsuits. 
  • Intrusion Protection: Keeping uninvited guests out of your network. 
  • Phishing Training & Testing: Supplying valuable user training and Phishing e-mail testing to help your organization develop a culture of security 

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