Local Area Network (LAN)

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Local Area Network (LAN)

The more devices that connect to your network the more potential security holes you have. TCS has significant experience in providing Local Area Network (LAN) Security. A Local Area Network (LAN) is a computer network that spans a relatively small area. Most LANs are confined to a single building or group of buildings. However, one LAN can be connected to other LANs over any distance via telephone lines and radio waves. A system of LANs connected in this way is called a wide-area network.

Most LANs connect workstations or personal computers. Each node (individual computer ) in a LAN has its CPU with which it executes programs, but it also can access data and devices anywhere on the LAN. This means that many users can share expensive devices, such as data saved on Storage Area Networks, laser printers, shared faxing, etc. Users can also use the LAN to communicate with each other, by sending an e-mail or engaging in chat sessions.

LANs are capable of transmitting data at breakneck speeds, much faster than data can be transmitted over a telephone line; but the distances are limited, and there is also a limit on the number of computers that can be attached to a single LAN. Webopedia

The most challenging security hole on any network is the person whose hands are on the keyboard. Social espionage is a huge problem and users tend to be trusting when the phone rings, and it is “Joe in IT, and I need your password.” Also, security is not a one and done proposition but is a layered process of creating bulletproof glass. Users who bring in a wireless access point or plug in their laptop from home directly or via a VPN, all develop vulnerabilities that you will be challenged to detect. If my home laptop has a Trojan horse program on it and I connect it to the corporate network, I just compromised the company network.

TCS has over 28 years of experience in managing our client’s networks and we can help you to secure your network against malicious intent and foolishness by those who don’t know any better.

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