What Is Business Endpoint Security and How Does It Work?

Endpoint and Cyber Security

Malware attacks have increased six-fold since 2010, affecting small businesses even more than large companies. Malware can take over computers, gather data to sell for identity theft and fraud, record keystrokes, and more. Yet, 59 percent of small businesses still don’t have endpoint security in place. Don’t let a security breach jeopardize your livelihood. If you’re ready to safeguard your business from a costly cyber attack, here’s what you should know.


What Is Endpoint Security Service?

Endpoint security is a subset of the broader category of endpoint management. It refers to software or services designed to identify and stop malicious activity on endpoints, which are devices used for computing, like computers and mobile devices.

Endpoint security protects against malicious viruses and ransomware, as well as unauthorized access from hackers who want to steal personal data from your PC or mobile device and use it for identity theft. These data breaches can happen to you or your employees. That means any users in your network can put your company at risk.


How Does Business Endpoint Security Work?

Firewalls, anti-virus software, anti-malware software, intrusion prevention systems (IPS), and other tools protect the endpoints. All of these services include the following:

  • Risk assessment. Endpoint security software analyzes potential IT threats to determine what measures will prevent a system compromise. A TCS risk assessment will include an audit of existing security measures to ensure they’re adequate.
  • Vulnerability scanning. Another key component of endpoint security involves searching for weaknesses in your network system’s defenses, so you can fix them before a hacker exploits them. Hackers use vulnerability scanners too. Not only can they find ways into your network, but they can also use them against you by manipulating known vulnerabilities in your system’s defenses.
  • Application control. Endpoint security solutions allow organizations to control which applications employees can use on endpoints within their network environment. This includes restricting access to websites IT teams deem risky or inappropriate.

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Endpoint Security


Questions to Ask as You Consider Endpoint Security Providers

Choosing a provider with the right features and capabilities is essential to protect your organization at all points along the employee and customer experience. So, here are some questions to ask as you make a decision.

  1. Does the platform provide centralized management and configuration, or is it only available through individual endpoints? A centralized approach is beneficial because it allows administrators to manage all systems from one location while avoiding the need to configure each system individually.
  2. Does the platform allow you to define policies based on user groups, roles, or locations? You can use policies for compliance requirements and everyday operational needs (e.g., restricting access to certain websites).
  3. Can you configure automated scans to run on a schedule or after specific events (e.g., login failures)? This will help ensure critical vulnerabilities are identified before they become problems for your organization.
  4. How does the platform educate users about best practices to stay safe online? For example, many organizations have adopted Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs, so it’s critical to understand.

Need Help Securing Endpoints or Evaluating Endpoint Security Software?

It only takes one infected machine to wreak havoc on an entire network. But with adequately configured endpoints, small business owners can safeguard themselves from viruses or hacks and protect sensitive information.

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