Virtual CIO

Total Computer Solutions

Most of us are familiar with the concept of a virtual CFO. A financial expert who with some regularity takes a look at the accounting records of an organization and makes recommendations on how the organization could grow and improve, reduce costs or maybe stay the course. This individual has significant experience in the market and provides a level of expertise that the company could not afford to have on a full-time basis, hence the part-time nature of what they do.

A virtual CIO fulfills this same type of role but in the area of technology instead of financial.

TCS provides this Virtual CIO service to our clients. We want to meet face to face with the principles of the organization and discuss their plans for the coming year(s). The purpose of this meeting is to make sure that IT objectives are aligned with business objectives and to eliminate potentially wasted effort. If headcount is going to be declining based on the projections of management, then we need to align IT with those objectives. If a paperless office is a two-year objective then aligning IT spend with that goal and planning for big data is essential. These meetings typically take an hour if they are done at least annually and TCS follows an agenda that our clients tell us is beneficial.

TCS has hundreds of clients spanning multiple industries we bring a breadth of knowledge to these discussions. Over 28 years in business allows us to have a longer-term view than many. We are not as susceptible to the marketing hype of the next great technological thing. We take a seasoned and reasoned approach to helping our clients meet their long-term objectives that have allowed us to retain clients for decades.

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