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Network Infrastructure Maintenance is not a complicated idea, but it is often overlooked. We would describe network infrastructure maintenance as the tasks that a network administrator would perform on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. These functions typically are not urgent in nature, but they are essential for the long-term health of your network. For many companies, the on-premise network administrator spends the majority of their time-fighting fires and supporting users, and the routine maintenance gets delayed because of the urgent issues of the day. This is not wrong because user issues are time sensitive and need to be addressed, but we would say that delaying or not performing routine network infrastructure maintenance ultimately results in more fire-fighting matters due to the lack of proactive work.

Proactive Maintenance: In general terms, encompasses any tasks used to predict or prevent equipment failure.

One of the most popular examples of proactive maintenance concerns heart disease in the human body. For reactive support, the response will only be taken after the patient was sent to hospital emergency room. For preventive maintenance, the patient might have a bypass or transplant surgery followed by continued checkups. For predictive maintenance, heart disease can be detected using EKG or ultrasonic technology and maybe the installation of a device for continuous monitoring. For proactive maintenance, the disease control would involve cholesterol and blood pressure monitoring along with diet control.

TCS has some monthly service plans that provide your business with timely, routine maintenance. Our goal is to move your business from reactive to proactive and in so doing reduce emergency situations, and prevent unnecessary downtime.

We can provide a team of qualified technical personnel to perform proactive, predictive, preventative and reactive services on your network. The majority of our clients are based in Central North Carolina. However, we service and support locations all over the Southeast through our extensive network of partners that make up what is affectionately known as IT Nation.

Computer and Networking Infrastructure

  • Server Configuration, Purchasing, and Installation
  • LAN and WAN Network Configuration, Purchasing, and Installation
  • Preventative Server Maintenance
  • Preventative Workstation/PC Maintenance
  • Network Cable Management

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