Why Flat Fee IT?

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A growing number of small and mid-sized businesses have become so dependent on IT/network operations that they can no longer afford downtime or poor performance. As a consequence, they are now evaluating the quality of support from their IT/network suppliers based on how well they prevent problems from occurring within their computer network rather than how quickly they resolve problems. To meet these expectations, TCS delivers a set of ‘managed services’ that include ongoing monitoring and proactive management capabilities.

To hear what our clients have to say about TCS’s Flat Fee IT program.

Flat Fee IT Is:

  • Efficient – Flat Fee IT increases productivity through uptime and awareness of potential issues before they create downtime
  • Predictable – Surprises don’t work well in IT. Keep your network and technology needs boring with preventative maintenance and regular observation.
  • Intelligent – Discover a flexible IT plan that allows you to manage your growth while accessing the full range of TCS’s expertise.

Flat Fee ITHow Does Flat Fee IT Work?

The “old way” of measuring IT services was gauged by how quickly technicians responded to break/fix issues. Today’s IT professionals are measured by how little downtime their clients experience, as well as response time. TCS uses remote monitoring to continuously scan your network for minor issues that could become major issues if not resolved.

Our Flat Fee IT offering allows us to continually monitor business-critical functions such as servers, firewalls, remote offices, key desktops and Line-of-Business Applications.  The objective for both TCS and our clients is maximum uptime, 24/7, 365 days a year.

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For a reasonable monthly fee, you can know your Information Technology and Computer Networking needs will be taken care of before problems arise. Having fixed costs means you can budget for IT / Computer Networking support and avoid service and repair surprises.

Each client is unique and a careful assessment is required before we can provide a Flat Fee proposal.

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